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Investment Advisory


Our experience acquiring and managing real estate across various product types allows us to locate properties that will deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors. We rely heavily on market and financial analysis to develop solid acquisition strategies for our clients. We act as an outsourced real estate acquisition team that supports investors in their quest for profitable real estate projects. Prior to undertaking any assignment, we will spend several sessions with the client to determine portfolio strategy, risk/return parameters, required rate of return, geography, and property types that fit the overall investment strategy. We not only source projects that fit the client's strategy but also use our proprietary financial models to analyze the project, prepare investor presentations, and conduct the full due diligence and closing. 

Once we agree on acquisition parameters we will start project sourcing  through both public and private sources. When we identify a property that  fits acquisition parameters we will fully underwrite the project, prepare an investment memorandum to be presented to the client. If the client decides to move forward, we will prepare and submit an LOI and work with the client's  legal team to prepare the sales and purchase agreement .  Once in escrow our team will coordinate and conduct all the due diligence including but limited to ordering surveys, geotechnical studies, environmental studies, planning capex budget,  reviewing leases and financials and then closing. 

Acquisitions services include: 


  • Deal Sourcing

  • Due Diligence

  • Financing

  • Closing


Every real estate project is unique. For every owner it is very important to have a perspective on the full value of the real estate and the market conditions to achieve highest possible sales price.  Any Property sale should be strategically planned and executed.  If you are thinking about selling a property within next 2 years, call us today to get free evaluation of your real estate and our opinion of value.

Disposition services include: 


  • Market Evaluation

  • Property Valuation

  • Property Marketing

  • Closing 

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