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Asset Management 

Real estate asset management is a process of overseeing and optimizing a portfolio of real estate investments to maximize their potential and deliver the best possible returns to the investors. Our knowledge and expertise in full real estate cycles and capital markets allow us to unique strategies to unlock the full value of each property. Before starting a new project, we provide our clients with a property business plan outlining major trends in the sub-market and project's market positioning, financial projections, and recommendations on how to maximize investor returns over the holding period.  As real estate asset manager we work alongside  our investors to maximize the investment returns through financial oversight, repositioning, refinancing and marketing.  Since inception of our company we have acquired  and managed over 50 commercial and multifamily properties on behalf of our clients in California, Georgia, Florida, Texas and Arizona.   

Real estate asset management services include:

  • Negotiating of property agreements and leases on behalf of the property owner

  • Overseeing major capital renovation projects

  • Working with the leasing team to absorb any vacant space on a timely basis

  • Preparing long-term financial projections

  • Hiring and overseeing the property manager

  • Developing capital and operating  budgets

  • Evaluating, monitoring, and revising property financing strategy

  • Lender relationship management 

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